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Microfilm. Washington, D.C., National Archives and Records Service. 8 reels, 35mm.

Washington, D.C., National Archives and Records Service. 24 reels, 35mm.

Collection at John Rylands University Library, Manchester. London, England: Great Britain, Foreign Office Records; General Correspondence Before 1906, Slave Trade, 1816-1892

16 reels documenting the capture, trial and release of the African captives of the slave ship Amistad.

Part 1: Revolution in Cuba, 1959-1960 
Part 2: Cuba and the Bay of Pigs Invasion, 1961 
Part 3: The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962

Contains the slave journal of Humphrey Morice (1721-1730), trading accounts and personal papers, business papers, and documents relating to British trade with Africa, America and the West Indies.

The papers include records relating to trade, industry, plantations, agriculture, ranching, immigration and settlement, the anti-slavery movement, politics, religion, and military affairs of Scotland and England. Personal papers, diaries, state documents, printed material, and the records of industrial and commercial concerns are also included in the papers.

Log and journal of the Bristol ship “Black Prince,” which was engaged in slaving voyages. This manuscript covers her seventh and eighth voyages to the Gold Coast of Africa. The material is partly in tabular form, listing occurrences, transactions, courses, and positions.


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